Scholarships make it easier for students as well as parents to pursue education without money hindrance. In Fact, due to lack of money students from poor families are obstructed from following their fascinating course. Scholarships prove out to be a savior at that stage.

According to a survey, students enrolled in class 11th were 52% as compared to 77% in class 10th. There are already many scholarships available, students are either unaware of it or they’re stuck in a certain myth.

Here’s a list of some scholarships that every millennial should apply for:

  • Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship

Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship by…

Do you know how the food we eat gets to a plate?

Food is the backbone of life, and hence its production. The world is facing a serious challenge of malfunction in the food industry. The demand for food has increased in recent decades, the food habits are changing rapidly. But have you ever wondered about the climatic and environmental out-turns of it?

The quandary of the food industry:

Food production is more complex than it ever was, thanks to globalization.

The current situation has given us time to think about our food industry and its unsustainability.

To meet the demands of the 7.5 billion population, the explication of the food industry…

In this era of robots, getting your dream job can be intimidating and daunting. A resume plays an appreciable role in grasping the attention of potential recruiters.

You might have heard about the out-of-the-box Instagram resume of 20-year old Ankita Chawla. She managed to attract Deloitte India and got her first job just through her creative resume. So, a resume has the power to knock the socks off.

What should your resume look like?

Recruiters often rely on automated processes to pre-filter the ineligible resumes through the Application Tracking System(ATS) software. …

Isha Lodha

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